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[texts]A judgemental approach to the study of organizational effectiveness (Volume 295) - Blevins, David Eugene, 1937-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 21-25)
Keywords: Organizational effectiveness
Downloads: 108
[texts]The instrumental value of interorganizational relations : antecedents and consequences of linkage formation (Volume BEBR No. 454) - Whetten, David A. (David Allred), 1946-
Bibliography: leaves 27-30
Keywords: Interorganizational relations; Organizational effectiveness
Downloads: 75
[texts]The political economy of organizations and the role of administration : coping with demands from multiple interest groups (Volume BEBR No. 379) - Whetten, David A. (David Allred), 1946-
Includes bibliographical references (p. [31-34])
Keywords: Leadership; Organizational effectiveness
Downloads: 93
[texts]Public productivity : panacea or placebo (Volume BEBR No. 547) - Whetten, David A. (David Allred), 1946-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 18-19)
Keywords: Organizational effectiveness; Civil service
Downloads: 115
[texts]A look at the myths and half-truths about profit and non-profit hospital performance - Sherman, H. David
Bibliography: p. R1-R3
Keywords: Organizational effectiveness; Hospitals -- Administration
Downloads: 234
[texts]Administrators' perceptions of effectiveness of international studies and programs in institutions of higher education - Barnett, Rosemary V
Keywords: Organizational effectiveness; International education--United States
Downloads: 111
[texts]Efficiency evaluation techniques : a critical comparison and assesment - Sherman, H. David
Bibliography: p.37-38
Keywords: Organizational effectiveness; Group decision making; Management science
Downloads: 276
[texts]Final state office organization study - United States. Bureau of Land Management. Division of Management Research
Background -- Findings and recommendations -- Organizational structure -- Staffing and grade impact analysis -- Implementation strategy
Keywords: United States. Bureau of Land Management; Organizational effectiveness
Downloads: 117
[texts]Final district office-resource area organization report - United States. Bureau of Land Management. Division of Management Research
"April 23, 1981."
Keywords: United States. Bureau of Land Management; Organizational effectiveness
Downloads: 30
[texts]The development of a district office performance model for the Social Security Administration (Volume BEBR No. 620) - Chandler, John S
Title page includes summary
Keywords: United States. Social Security Administration; Management; Organizational effectiveness
Downloads: 62
[texts]ERIC ED306663: The Management of Meaning and the Achievement of Organizational Legitimacy: A Critical Ethnography of the Principalship. - ERIC
Using ethnographic research tools, this study explored the role that the symbolic action of administrators played in the the social construction of reality. Case study data were provided to illustrate meaning management at the school district level. Framing this analysis is the application of the categories of critical theory to the study of educational organizations. Critical theory of organizations involves the three tasks of understanding, critique, and praxis...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administrator Role; Elementary Secondary Education; Ethnography; Organizational Communication; Organizational Effectiveness; Organizational Theories; Principals
[texts]ERIC ED374556: Teacher Evaluation and School Climate. - ERIC
Could the establishment of extensive teacher-evaluation practices prove counterproductive if effective school climates are not created and maintained? This paper attempts to answer this general question by investigating two more specific questions: (1) Is there an inherent conflict between the activities associated with teacher evaluation and those elements typically associated with good workplace climate? and (2) What activities associated with evaluations and what elements of good climate lead...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Educational Environment; Elementary Secondary Education; Institutional Environment; Organizational Effectiveness; Teacher Evaluation
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED351709: A Model of Internal Communication in Adaptive Communication Systems. - ERIC
A study identified and categorized different types of internal communication systems and developed an applied model of internal communication in adaptive organizational systems. Twenty-one large organizations were selected for their varied missions and diverse approaches to managing internal communication. Individual face-to-face or telephone interviews were conducted with middle- or senior-level managers who were knowledgeable about internal communication in the organization...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Communication Research; Interviews; Leadership; Management Systems; Models; Organizational Communication; Organizational Effectiveness
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED307085: Designing Organizational Effectiveness Studies of Rural and Small School Districts. - ERIC
Considerable attention has been given to organizational effectiveness of public sector organizations at all levels: local, state, and federal. Public education has not escaped scrutiny. Current examinations of the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of education are more intense than that of other public sector organizations. The organizational effectiveness of rural small school districts has been of particular interest...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Elementary Secondary Education; Organizational Effectiveness; Research Design; Rural Schools; School Districts; Small Schools
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED367043: Is Computer-Mediated Communication Contributing to Organizational Productivity? - ERIC
Recurring claims of the poor relationship of computer adoption and organizational productivity may be of interest to communication scientists who study computer mediated communication (CMC). Cognitive science researchers advocate the same solution to this problem as many communication scientists, i.e., formative research. Iterating design and user input into a feedback loop will lead to continual testing and locating of bugs until skills with computers increase...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Communication Research; Computers; Electronic Mail; Higher Education; Organizational Effectiveness; Productivity; Research Needs
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED358574: Department of Education: Long-Standing Management Problems Hamper Reforms. Report to the Secretary of Education. - ERIC
This general management review (one in a series of management reviews of federal departments and agencies) identifies key management issues facing the U.S. Department of Education. This review assesses the management of the department and identifies actions that can be taken to improve organizational performance. Data were derived from 151 in-depth interviews conducted primarily with Education Department senior officials and from document analysis...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Accountability; Administrative Change; Federal Government; Government Employees; Management Systems; Organizational Climate; Organizational Effectiveness; Performance
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED344330: Managing for Organizational Quality--Theory and Implementation: An Annotated Bibliography. - ERIC
This bibliography is intended to provide recommended readings and videotapes on managing organizations for quality improvement. The target audience consists primarily of managers and leaders for quality in the Department of Navy activities. The aim of this volume is to bring together a collection of materials drawn from a wide variety of sources, some of which are not typically associated with quality improvement...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Annotated Bibliographies; Educational Quality; Organizational Development; Organizational Effectiveness; Organizational Theories
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED344319: Reconceptualizing Leadership in Retirement: Problems with the Organizational Effectiveness Approach in Working with Seniors. - ERIC
This paper challenges the dominant view of leadership, the organizational-effectiveness approach, and proposes a different concept of leadership in the context of retirement. A premise is that the organizational-effectiveness approach is inadequate to the task of retirement organizations and may inhibit senior participation. Following an introduction to the concept of leadership, problems with voluntary senior leadership programs are identified...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Community Leaders; Foreign Countries; Leadership; Leadership Styles; Older Adults; Organizational Effectiveness; Retirement
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED347594: Upward-Communication Programs in American Industry. Putting Ideas into Action: A Center for Creative Leadership Technical Report. - ERIC
A study examined upward-communication practices (from lower levels to higher levels in an organization) in American industry. Seventy-five large top-ranked companies responded to a survey concerning their upward-communication programs, for a response rate of 39%. Forty of the completed surveys included materials describing their upward-communication programs. Results indicated that: (1) the companies reported using an average of 6.6 upward communication practices; and (2) the three most common p...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Communication Research; Employer Employee Relationship; Organizational Communication; Organizational Effectiveness; Program Descriptions; Surveys
Downloads: 11
[texts]ERIC ED329276: The Impact of Planned Organizational Change on an Academic Library: An MRAP Case Study. - ERIC
This paper examines the impact of organizational change on a university library. The change process started in 1980 at Ball State University Libraries, Muncie, Indiana, with the initiation of a self-study, the Management Review and Analysis Program (MRAP). With certain key recommendations implemented, the University Libraries has been transformed from a divisional organizational structure with a broad span of control into a classical, hierarchical, functional structure in order to achieve greate...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administrative Change; College Libraries; Higher Education; Management Systems; Organizational Change; Organizational Effectiveness; Organizational Theories; Self Evaluation (Groups)
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED337821: On Organizational Theory and Practice: Some Lessons Learned from the Severely Mentally "Disabled." - ERIC
Realizing that communications theory and research have little to do with organizational life, a communications scholar decided to become an organizational participant while still analyzing events and episodes in a scholarly way. In the spring of 1986, he joined the board of directors of Interface Precision Benchworks (IPB), a not-for-profit company whose mission was to demonstrate that all humans, even those with the most severe mental and physical difficulties, are capable of a fully functionin...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Communication Research; Ethics; Higher Education; Mental Retardation; Organizational Communication; Organizational Effectiveness; Organizational Theories; Physical Disabilities; Theory Practice Relationship
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED370188: Power and the Production of Knowledge: Collective Team Learning in Work Organizations. - ERIC
This paper presents findings of a study that examined the relationship between the outcome of collective team learning and the extent of differences in power that team members have available to them. This successful outcome is defined as the production of new knowledge. The study examined four teams in the research and development department of a large, high-technology manufacturing company, whose jobs were to improve the production process...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cooperative Learning; Interprofessional Relationship; Learning Processes; Organizational Climate; Organizational Effectiveness; Power Structure; Productivity; Teamwork; Work Environment
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED364371: Organizational and Operational Features of State Rural Education Interest Groups. - ERIC
In many states, rural school districts or interested individuals have formed statewide interest groups to influence policy decisions related to rural education. Potential state rural education interest groups were identified through contacts with national and regional education associations and regional educational laboratories. Of 19 identified groups, 13 responded to a survey concerning their goals, operations, and organizational characteristics...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administrative Organization; Advocacy; Educational Policy; Elementary Secondary Education; Organizational Effectiveness; Organizational Objectives; Organizations (Groups); Policy Formation; Rural Education
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED313807: Evaluating and Profiling Schools Based on a Model of Organizational Effectiveness: Professors and Practitioners Collaborating on a Reform Movement To Improve Student Achievement. - ERIC
Research and evaluation activities have gradually evolved from the selection of an improvement and evaluation model, as well as data collection using an attitudinal survey and application of case study procedures along with focus group interviews, to the preparation of summary documents and specific policy recommendations. This document presents models of evaluation, assessment, and profiling that have emerged from the activities and findings of the Career Ladders Research and Evaluation Project...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Educational Assessment; Elementary Secondary Education; Evaluation Methods; Evaluation Research; Institutional Evaluation; Models; Organizational Effectiveness; Program Evaluation
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED385863: The Need for Integrative Communication within a Multicultural Communication Model: A Case Study of Public Relations Functions and Leadership in Community Development. - ERIC
A case study analyzed a special event, AmeriFlora '92, held from April 1992 to October 1992 in Columbus, Ohio. AmeriFlora '92 was established as a temporary organization covering nearly 8 years of planning, operations, and dismantling. The lack of attendance and the resulting financial impact inspired a major effort to examine the role of public relations in this international cultural, entertainment, and floral exposition...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Case Studies; Community Cooperation; Community Development; Higher Education; Intercultural Communication; Models; Organizational Communication; Organizational Effectiveness; Public Relations
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED345357: The Social and Organizational Influence of Principals: Evaluating Principals on Organizational Criteria. - ERIC
Evaluation of principals' performance has not kept pace with changes in schooling or with developments in teacher evaluation. Although some argue that schools' complexity makes outcomes-based evaluation of principals unrealistic, the need increases for tying evaluation to accountability. This paper describes one possible model based on principals' interactions with schools' social systems and on organizational socialization and leader/follower interaction theories...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administrator Evaluation; Context Effect; Elementary Secondary Education; Evaluation Criteria; Organizational Effectiveness; Principals; Social Influences; Socialization
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED350679: Educational Costs. - ERIC
Problems in educational cost accounting and a new cost accounting approach are described in this paper. The limitations of the individualized cost (student units) approach and the comparative cost approach (in the form of fund-function-object) are illustrated. A new strategy, an activity-based system of accounting, is advocated. Borrowed from business accounting procedures, this method views activities in terms of their value-added potential...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Budgeting; Cost Effectiveness; Costs; Educational Finance; Elementary Secondary Education; Expenditure per Student; Expenditures; Organizational Effectiveness; School Accounting
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED339124: Levels of Environmental Uncertainty of a Site Based Management School within a Minority/Majority Context. - ERIC
Findings from a study that examined the effects of school-based management on the perceived environmental uncertainty of Texas elementary school teachers are presented in this paper. Perceived environmental uncertainty is defined as a lack of clarity and significant information in the school setting. Questionnaires were administered to teachers in two elementary schools with high proportions of minority students: 32 urban school teachers in a school participating in school-based management (SBM)...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Educational Environment; Elementary Education; Information Needs; Minority Group Influences; Organizational Effectiveness; School Based Management; Teacher Attitudes; Work Environment
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED310649: The Many Faces of Quality. Working Paper Series. - ERIC
An address to faculty and staff considers the question of how quality can be improved at the various levels of a college. The importance of a shared sense of purpose is emphasized. Three goals of postsecondary education are discussed: to produce desirable changes in people; to do so through means that are consistent with social values; and to maintain people's capacity to continue performing their functions in the future...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Behavior Theories; College Environment; College Role; Educational Objectives; Educational Quality; Higher Education; Industrial Psychology; Organizational Effectiveness; Organizational Objectives
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED360738: Collaboration: A Model for Design, Management and Evaluation. - ERIC
This paper offers a theoretical model for designing, managing, and evaluating collaboration efforts. The parallel-pairs model is composed of a horizontal axis that specifies the scope and significance of activities. An advantage of the model is its ability to evaluate activities individually or as a group. Two examples of how the model was used in interagency collaboration--at Owsley County Elementary School, Kentucky, and Albuquerque's PACCT (Parents, Children, Community Together) for Literacy-...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Accountability; Agency Cooperation; Educational Cooperation; Elementary Secondary Education; Models; Organizational Effectiveness; Program Design; Program Evaluation
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED368043: Analyses of School Level Learning Environments: Centralized Decision-Making, Teacher Work Alienation and Organizational Effectiveness. - ERIC
Much has been learned during the past 2 decades about school learning environments; researchers have developed a variety of measures of perceptions of learning environment characteristics. However, most of the studies on this subject have used the whole school as the unit for the research. This study examined the relationships among school-level learning environment measures of teachers' perceptions of centralized decision making, work alienation, and multiple indices of school effectiveness...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Academic Achievement; Educational Development; Educational Environment; Elementary Secondary Education; Organizational Effectiveness; Public Schools; School Based Management; Teacher Alienation
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED355639: Filling the Frames: Using Bolman and Deal To Analyze an Educational Innovation. - ERIC
Research on how to measure the success of educational innovations is lacking. However, a form of analysis called "organizational frames" can be used to study organizational change in schools. This approach was used to evaluate British Columbia's "Program for Quality Teaching" (PQT). The organizational-frames approach identifies four aspects of organizational life: bureaucratic-structural, human resource, political, and cultural symbolic...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Measurement Techniques; Organizational Change; Organizational Effectiveness; Organizational Theories; School Restructuring; Teacher Evaluation
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED384951: Priority on Learning: Efficient Use of Resources. ERIC Digest, Number 100. - ERIC
Because school budgets are limited and becoming more so, the wise use of school finances to enhance student learning is imperative. This digest examines the ways public schools are redistributing existing resources and changing policies to increase student academic achievement. Information is provided on the most effective means for allocating finances, methods used by school districts to cut costs, the impact of state policies, and actions to be taken at the school district and school levels...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Academic Achievement; Cost Effectiveness; Efficiency; Elementary Secondary Education; Expenditures; Organizational Effectiveness; Public Schools; Resource Allocation; School District Spending
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED372205: Fifty Indices of Effectiveness Regarding the Program Advisory Committees in Minnesota's Technical Colleges: A Working Paper. Effective Advisory Committees Project. - ERIC
This document, which was developed by a task force whose members represent the instructional, student support service, administrative, and executive ranks of technical colleges with very diverse sizes, locations, and programs, lists 50 proposed indices of effectiveness regarding the program advisory committees (ACs) in Minnesota's technical colleges. The indices are divided in a manner designed to suggest a working format for the development of a leadership guide that will eventually be written ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Advisory Committees; Evaluation Criteria; Meetings; Organizational Effectiveness; Statewide Planning; Technical Institutes; Two Year Colleges; Vocational Education
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED374565: The Secondary School Recognition Program: A First Report on 202 High Schools. - ERIC
During 1983 and 1984, 202 high schools were selected for national recognition as exemplary institutions through the Secondary School Recognition Program (SSRP) of the United States Department of Education. This paper identifies factors common to successful secondary schools and develops propositions about secondary school effectiveness. Data were analyzed from the following sources: school applications, site report visits, and transcripts of discussions between site visitors and SSRP panelists...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Educational Environment; Effective Schools Research; Excellence in Education; High Schools; Organizational Climate; Organizational Effectiveness; Productivity; School Effectiveness
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED369903: The History of the American Vocational Education Research Association. The First 25 Years. - ERIC
This book records the history of the American Vocational Education Research Association (AVERA), which was organized in 1966 as a professional association for scholars and others with research interests in the relationship between education and work. The purposes of AVERA are as follows: stimulate research and development (R&D) activities related to vocational education (VE), stimulate the development of training programs designed to prepare persons for responsibilities in research in VE, foster...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Educational Research; Educational Researchers; National Organizations; Organizational Change; Organizational Development; Organizational Effectiveness; Organizational Objectives; Professional Associations; Vocational Education
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED346758: Workplace Literacy: The Effects of an In-house Program on the Organization. - ERIC
The effects of an in-house workplace literacy program on an organization are examined. A small Canadian manufacturing plant that began a workplace literacy program called Learning in the Workplace in 1990 was the site of this case study research. The plant was CCL Custom Manufacturing, which specialized in household powder-based products. Four areas were explored: (1) the effects of in-house literacy programs on improving the basic skills of the members of the organization; (2) the effects of pe...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Literacy; Basic Skills; Business; Cooperative Programs; Manufacturing; Organizational Change; Organizational Effectiveness; Peer Teaching; Tutoring; Workplace Literacy
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED360986: Celebrating 50 Years of Cooperation, 1942-1992. - ERIC
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Council of National Library and Information Associations (CNLIA) (called the Council of National Library Associations until 1978), this document describes the CNLIA's purposes and accomplishments. Since 1942 the CNLIA has served as a forum for library and information associations to examine the issues and challenges facing them and the information community at large...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cooperation; Copyrights; History; Information Dissemination; Information Science; Institutional Role; Library Associations; National Organizations; Organizational Effectiveness; Organizational Objectives
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED318731: Teacher Motivation Tied to Factors within the Organizational Readiness Assessment Model. Elements of Motivation/De-Motivation Related to Conditions within School District Organizations. - ERIC
This document reports on an assessment of the 5-year Arizona Career Ladders Pilot-Test Teacher Incentive Program. Research and evaluation of the program were conducted in the 14 presently participating districts. A model was developed of essential organizational components which must be functioning at healthy levels for effective operation. The components are: (1) focus factors--student achievement and teacher development and leadership; (2) critical support factors--teacher and administrator ev...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Career Ladders; Elementary Secondary Education; Motivation Techniques; Organizational Climate; Organizational Effectiveness; Program Development; Program Evaluation; Teacher Motivation
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED383752: Epistemological-Methodological Issues Related to Applied Organizational Research. - ERIC
Applied research is supposed to take the perspective with the highest degree of corroboration as a basis for action. The realm of organizational perspectives is characterized, however, with a multitude of competing research programs, seldom tested against each other. Epistemological and methodological issues overwhelm inquiry in applied research. This report reflects the major topics of the theory of knowledge in relation to organizational perspectives...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Criteria; Epistemology; Foreign Countries; Knowledge Level; Organizational Effectiveness; Program Implementation; Research Design; Research Methodology; Research Utilization
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED355613: Transformational Leadership in Principals: An Analysis of the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire Results. Professional Leadership Development Monograph Series, Volume 2, Number 1. - ERIC
Findings of a study that investigated transformational and transactional leadership behaviors in elementary and secondary school principals are presented in this paper. Transactional leadership is often used to accomplish lower-order managerial objectives, such as clarifying work expectations and maintaining quality of performance, while transformational leadership, however, is related to long-term development and change, producing higher levels of effort and satisfaction in followers, which tra...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Elementary Secondary Education; Organizational Communication; Organizational Effectiveness; Principals; School Administration; Teacher Administrator Relationship; Transformational Leadership
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED363951: How To Optimize Organizational Effectiveness through Leadership: The Case for a Process-Based Organization. - ERIC
This paper presents the issues relating to, the rationale, and the methodology for the implementation of a process-based organizational structure. Following an overview of leadership theory and traditional organizational structure, a model of the circular organization is presented. In the circular organization, the leader occupies a middle, rather than head position. The organizational structure is comprised of a nucleus with interconnecting processes, such as management and planning, marketing,...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administrator Effectiveness; Elementary Secondary Education; Leadership; Leadership Styles; Models; Organizational Climate; Organizational Communication; Organizational Effectiveness; Organizational Theories
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED359643: The Quality Fit. - ERIC
This paper proposes a two-pronged approach for examining an educational program's "quality of fit." The American Association of School Administrators' (AASA's) Curriculum Management Audit for quality indicators is reviewed, using the Downey Quality Fit Framework and Deming's 4 areas of profound knowledge and 14 points. The purpose is to examine how the premises of the curriculum-management audit and the ideas of the quality movement align themselves...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Curriculum Evaluation; Educational Quality; Elementary Secondary Education; Evaluation Criteria; Organizational Development; Organizational Effectiveness; Organizational Theories; Standards
Downloads: 7
[texts]BLM : reengineering for quality : round 1 - United States. Bureau of Land Management
Contracting -- Local business practices -- National Historic Preservation Act -- Oil and gas inspection and enforcement -- Personnel -- Budget -- Performance measures -- National Environmental Policy Act/Planning -- Role of the program leader
Keywords: Quality assurance; Organizational effectiveness; Organizational change; United States. Bureau of Land Management; United States. Bureau of Land Management; REENGINEERING (MANAGEMENT)
Downloads: 156
[texts]ERIC ED342123: Collaborative Planning Time for Teachers. - ERIC
Two challenges that confront principals attempting to generate effective collaborative planning time with teachers are examined in this document: altering the conventional schedule and ensuring productive use of planning time. Principals, superintendents, and other educators were interviewed about the techniques and outcomes of these two aspects. Strategies used by respondents for finding the time included grants and staff development, creative scheduling, and substitute teaching by administrato...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cooperation; Cooperative Planning; Elementary Secondary Education; Organizational Effectiveness; Professional Development; Scheduling; Staff Development; Teacher Administrator Relationship; Time Management
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED347291: Perceived Effectiveness and Reported Use of Career Strategies in a Service Organization. - ERIC
A survey of 80 management, supervisory, and administrative level employees in a small private hospital (32 responses) in the northeastern United States examined beliefs about the relative effectiveness of different career strategies and worker characteristics, such as age, work experience, company experience, organizational level, and gender, associated with the reported use of 12 career mobility strategies: developing skills/expertise; maintaining subordinate relationships; acquiring attitudes/...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Age; Career Change; Career Planning; Change Strategies; Employment Experience; Hospitals; Individual Characteristics; Organizational Effectiveness; Service Occupations
Downloads: 2
[texts]U.S. Department of the Interior labs : quality government : summary report - United States. Dept. of the Interior
"Reinvent / NPR / Reengineer."
Keywords: United States. Dept. of the Interior; Total quality management in government; Organizational change; Organizational effectiveness; Reengineering (Management)
Downloads: 118
[texts]Tools for teams : a handbook for quality improvement - Tunner, Joseph R., 1933-
"This manual is based largely on several TQM tools courses taught by Joe Tunner, Quality Improvement and Statistical Methods, Fort Collins, Colorado" --P. following index
Keywords: United States. Bureau of Land Management. Colorado State Office; Teams in the workplace; Total quality management; Management; Organizational effectiveness; Employees
Downloads: 504
[texts]ERIC ED310667: Higher Education Advocate. Volume VI, Number 1-12. - ERIC
Twelve issues of the National Education Association's (NEA) newsletter for NEA members in higher education focus on the following subjects: (1) NEA endorsement of Dukakis candidacy, and organizing at Southern Illinois University; (2) Dukakis STARS plan: a solid solution, and the Dukakis advantage; (3) the 100th Congress: praise from NEA, and the NEA health information network; (4) Texas: terminations, turmoil, and TFA (Texas Faculty Association), organizing in Texas, and accreditation in higher ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Advocacy; Educational Assessment; Higher Education; National Programs; Organizational Effectiveness; Organizational Objectives; Planning; Politics; Public Policy; Social Action; Urban Universities
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED306622: The Effect of Physical Attractiveness and Spokesperson Sex on Perceived Source and Organization Credibility. - ERIC
To explore the dimensions of credibility and physical attractiveness in a public relations setting, the impact of public relations (PR) spokesperson physical attractiveness--as operationalized as photographs of the spokesperson attached to a press release--on perceptions of both the writer's and the organization's credibility was examined. Subjects, 140 students enrolled in communication courses at a large southeastern university, randomly placed in one of six experimental groups or in the contr...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Communication Research; Credibility; Higher Education; Interpersonal Communication; Organizational Communication; Organizational Effectiveness; Persuasive Discourse; Physical Attractiveness; Public Relations; Sex Differences
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